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Environmental awareness

Van Dijck is greatly aware of the impact today's industry has on the environment and our future generations' lifes. Wherever not interfering with the quality of the end product, more environmentally friendly production methods and investment products are continually considered.

Local power generation

In 2011 Van Dijck invested in a solar power plant on top of the roofs of one of its factories. Electricity not locally used during the weekends and evenings is uploaded onto the net so families' houses can benefit from our green energy.

The system consists of 1300 panels of the latest generation, an investment project of nearly € 1M. On a sunny day, the local plant is run 100% by solar energy. On a less sunny day, the energy is still sourced from a 100% green supplier.



Optimization is key

Every bit helps, and that's why we think of other fields as well. Products we buy that aren't shaped on-site from raw materials are sourced in the most near dimensions possible, reducing both waste and cost. This is were we benefit from a close relationship with our suppliers.

More than 75 % of our employees live in a radius of less than 5 km from the facilities.

Through the use of the latest technology in polyester machinery, exact purities can be dosed, resulting in a equal panel with less waste. Experiments with having bacteria digest polyester waste have also been conducted.

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