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Innovative cooling and freezer transport

Is refrigerated and deep-freeze transport your business? Then, VéDéCar is the right partner for you.  We build insulated bodies that meet the most stringent European standards – for both today and tomorrow!  We offer you innovative solutions: solid refrigerated and freezer bodies with the highest insulation value, a durable operational safety, low body weight and a perfect finishing.  We have been setting new standards for discovering creative solutions for decades.  


Certificates for temperature-guided transport

The operational safety and certification of your temperature-guided bodies are our main concern. That is why we only use high-quality insulation materials in combination with a contraction method that is unique in the industry. Result? Your VéDéCar refrigerated bodies have the highest insulation values. Our clients effortlessly receive an ATP/FRC-certificate for up to twelve years.  


Exclusive quality materials, solid construction

The solid construction of the VéDéCar bodies is unique in the industry. We use the best materials, finish off the smallest details and do not make concessions in quality. We have our own construction method, which is based on a 1000 ton heated hydraulic press that can make panels out of one piece. We use specific materials and insulate each body with high-quality polyurethane foam. Result? Your vehicle body has the highest insulation value, is extremely solid, though still light, which will make you save out on energy and fuel, two less things to worry about!


Try us and you will be convinced!

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