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The VéDéCar brand

VéDéCar cooling bodies: quality, service and custom-made products

VéDéCar is a European market leader specialised in cooling and freezer bodies for trucks, semitrailers and trailers.  As a family company with a long tradition, we can offer you the best products and service, thanks to our expertise and workmanship. The VéDéCar closed isotherm body constructions offers the best conditions for a hygienic cargo space, protection against cargo damage and the perfect cargo temperature stabilisation.  The VéDéCar concept delivers extremely solid, lightweight bodies for light-duty trucks, semitrailers and city trailers.

In view of the Dutch PIEK noise standard, introduced to ensure the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of cities, Van Dijck uses newly designed sets,  build-up materials with a reduced noise level, sound-absorbing covering, silent tailboards, special floors and super silent refrigerating equipment.

Van Dijck builds all bodies based on a broad range of base configurations and options, and if desired fully custom made to order. Being able to dispose of products built to be aligned with a company's strategy is more important than ever today to make the difference in a competing market.


Quality and durability

Each finished body is subjected to strict quality and durability inspections.  That is how we can guarantee that our products meet the most stringent standards.  And you will not have to worry about anything during the full life of your vehicle.

Over the years we built up a database that holds part of our experience. Before being loaded into the machines, each new body design gets verified against this database by a custom software. This enables us to customize the production to the customer's wishes while keeping the error level low.

Van Dijck uses a durable production process to reduce our impact on the environment. Waste products are processed in a bio filter and a large quantity of our electric energy is generated by our own photovoltaic installation with a capacity of more than 300 kWp.

Generations have been convinced by the VéDéCar guarantee: serious high-quality work.

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